St Louis Cardinals Fans Applaud Angels' Albert Pujols at Busch Stadium

Cardinals fans welcomed former player Albert Pujols with open arms on the player’s return to St Louis for a three game stint up to June 23. He was given multiple standing ovation every night, before his final bow on June 23.

Brittney Murphy shared footage of the crowd getting on their feet for Pujols, who was at the Busch Stadium for the first time since leaving the Cardinals for the Angels in 2011. “Thank you for everything Albert Pujols @PujolsFive! From @Cardinals National. We can’t thank you enough,” she tweeted of the two-time World Series champion.

After two wins for the Cardinals, Pujols went 2 for 5 on June 23 in a 6-4 win for the Angels. Credit: Brittney Murphy via Storyful