'They Are Stinking': 7-Year-Old Offers Withering Assessment of Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have really come back down to earth since their championship season of 2018, at least in the eyes of seven-year-old fan Jenny Barts, who has delivered her assessment of where it’s all going wrong.

“They are stinking,” is Barts’s brutal summary. The team, she says, is just playing too soft this time, as they stand 5 and 7 after 12 games.

Jenny’s mom Sonia Barts told Storyful that the family moved to Georgia more than 10 years ago, but their football loyalties remain firmly back east. Jenny, she said, is a big Eagles fan and rarely misses a game.

This video was recorded after the Eagles suffered a 37-31 defeat at the hands of the lowly Miami Dolphins on December 1. Sonia Barts told Storyful: “My husband was driving, and I turned around to Jenny in the back seat and asked her what she thought of that game and she basically went off on a rant.” Credit: Sonia Barts via Storyful