Stockport Spider-Man Cheers Up Locals During Lockdown

A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been cheering up locals in the English town of Stockport during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Footage recorded by Louise Stockton shows Spider-Man making his rounds of the neighborhood as she and her children, Dexter and Holly, watch and say hello.

Stockton told Storyful the man dresses as Spider-Man when taking his daily exercise, as permitted under the government’s restrictions on people’s movements.

“The first day we waited but we didn’t manage to see him. The next day the kids were really excited,” she said, and they’d drawn pictures to put in the window before he came by.

“It was amazing,” Stockton said. “The kids were so happy and keep talking about seeing him again. What a fab guy.”

As of Friday, April 3, the UK had reported 34,173 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and and 2,926 deaths. Credit: Louise Stockton via Storyful