Stolen Baby Meerkat Recovered by Police, Returned to Perth Zoo

A baby meerkat disappeared from Perth Zoo on Wednesday, September 19, leaving keepers fearing he had been taken by a predatory bird, until police discovered the little one had been stolen.

The tiny baby was recovered on Friday night by Western Australia police from a house in Beverley, around 130 km southeast of Perth. It was taken back to the zoo to see zoo veterinarian Simone Vitali, who said the baby was “very stressed and tired and hungry, just like any bub that’s been away from mum.”

Vitali said the meerkit would need to be reintroduced back into the family. “We hope that they accept him as one of theirs and they haven’t decided to reject him, so we’re still in very early days,” she told media.

Police said a man and woman were assisting them with their enquiries. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful