Supa Dupa Fly: Pet Goat Wears Matching Raincoat and Boots

Tennessee farmer Britney dressed up her goat, Perri Drew, in a special outfit for inclement weather, as seen in this footage uploaded on November 26.

In the video, Perri Drew can be seen ‘modeling’ her stylish yellow raincoat and matching yellow rain boots, before taking a stroll and enthusiastically grazing on some grass.

“We went for a walk but even with cool new boots she still didn’t want to jump in the muddy puddle,” Britney told Storyful.

Perri Drew is just one of Britney’s animal entourage, consisting of Nigerian dwarf and pygmy goats. More of the goats’ daily adventures can be seen on their dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages. Credit: Goat Life via Storyful