Tears of Joy as Frenchie Taken at Gunpoint Reunited With Family

A woman whose French bulldog was said by police to have been taken at gunpoint in Castro Valley cried tears of joy as she was reunited with her pet on January 25.

Footage shows deputies from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office reuniting Tito with his owners after 10 days apart.

Tito was taken during an alleged armed robbery on January 15, the sheriff’s office said. Joshua, the son of one of the women in the video, told local media how armed suspects approached the family while out on a walk.

Joshua’s mother and grandmother tried to protect Tito, he said, but his mother eventually let the dog go when a gun was pointed at his grandmother.

Alameda County Sheriff Gregory J Ahern said: “As a dog owner, this case disturbed me, my agency and the community. I directed our investigators to pursue all leads. I’m glad to see Tito is now reunited with his family.” Credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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