Teen With Broken Leg Forced to Sit on Train Floor After Passengers Don't Offer Seat

A father was left frustrated after nobody on a busy train gave up a seat for his injured daughter in Dublin, Ireland, on June 18.

Joanna Beggs, who broke her leg at a gymnastics competition, was taking the DART with her sister, Dannielle Beggs, and her father, Mark Beggs. Both Dannielle and Mark said they tried to get Joanna a seat on the DART “every day” that week to no avail. Dannielle said her sister “had no choice” but to sit on the floor as standing was too painful.

Dannielle filmed this video that her father posted to Twitter on June 18. It shows Joanna sitting on the floor of the train as she adjusts her leg brace. The video shows people sitting on the train in the background. Credit: Dannielle Beggs via Storyful