Teen Pilot Takes 'Nervous' Friend for Test Flight Over Tampa

Friends Alexander and Max have supported each other’s passions since they met on a high school basketball team. When teen Max decided to become a pilot, Alexander knew he had to encourage his pal’s ambition, regardless of how terrifying it might be.

In a video Alexander posted to YouTube in November of 2019, the two friends document their first time flying together as they soar over different parts of Tampa, Florida.

Alexander is clearly nervous, while Max, age 19, seems to be calm and collected, the ideal pilot’s demeanor.

The video starts off with Max and Alexander in a two-seater Cessna 162 Skycatcher, with Max going over all his necessary preflight checks.

“I was a bit nervous to fly with him because I had never flown in such a small plane before,” Alexander told Storyful.

Before long, preflight checks were complete, and the pair took off. “At first it was very scary, but once we were in the air it was an amazing experience,” Alexander told Storyful.

The video shows the pals flying around Florida, as they chat and enjoy their flight together. Alexander seems to have calmed his nerves completely by the end of the footage, in contrast to his jitters before takeoff.

“I feel nowadays a lot of content produced is all about money and fame. However, my goal was to make people laugh,” Alexander told Storyful. Credit: WholeSale AJ via Storyful