Thousands March in Pro-Catalan Demonstration in Barcelona

Thousands of pro-Catalan demonstrators filled the streets of Barcelona on October 15, during the second day of protests against a Spanish Supreme Court decision to jail separatist leaders.

The protests are in objection to the Spanish Supreme Court’s decision to sentence separatist leaders, including Pro-independence leader Carlos Puigdemont, to several years in prison on charges of sedition, reports said.

Puigdemont spoke from Brussels on Monday, calling for Catalan independence supporters to reject the sentences.

On the previous day, Monday, October 14, thousands of protesters marched on Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, and clashed with police.

Barcelona’s police force, the Mossos, confronted protesters in the streets on Tuesday, hitting people with batons, launching tear gas, and making arrests, according to local reports. Protesters lit fires and pulled trash bins into the streets, reports said.

This video shows a crowd of demonstrators at the intersection of Carrer de Mallorca and Carrer del Bruc. Credit: @pla.montse via Storyful