Tiny Gosling Tries to Catch Up as Family Crosses Road in Saskatchewan

A little gosling was almost left behind as it struggled to follow its parents and siblings over a curb after the family of geese crossed a road in Saskatoon, in Canada’s Saskatchewan province.

Michael Digout, a hobbyist nature photographer living in Saskatoon, said he captured this footage on May 25 of what he described to Storyful as the “emotional struggle of one little gosling who has trouble trying to keep up with the rest of the flock.”

In his video, two adult geese and at least 17 goslings can be seen hopping off a curb and crossing a road, and then jumping up over the opposing curb into a grassy area.

One small gosling, however, doesn’t make the jump and is almost left stranded on the roadway. It walks back and forth as it tries to find a better spot, making several failed attempts to launch itself over. The little bird keeps on trying, though, and eventually makes it over, reuniting with its parents which were waiting on the grass. Credit: Michael Digout via Storyful

Video Transcript


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