Trail Camera Catches Variety of Wildlife Using Wombat Gate at Tasmania Property

A trail camera caught a number of furry visitors using the wombat gate a Tamania property recently.

Footage by Jenny Cambers-Smith shows the different creatures, including a brown bandicoot and echidnas, making use of the gate throughout October and November.

“After erecting a wallaby-proof fence around a few paddocks (so that we could have enough grass to run a handful of cattle), we waited until the wombats pushed through the fence (or dug under), and then put in seven of these top-hung wombat gates at those places,” Cambers-Smith told Storyful.

“The wombats soon got the hang of them, and the echidnas also figured them out. Smaller creatures seem to push under them, but the wallabies cannot or won’t use them. Each gate is at least 3kg in weight, which is too heavy for the wallabies,” she said. Credit: Jenny Cambers-Smith via Storyful

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