Uploader Films Funnel Cloud Near Denver, Colorado

A funnel cloud was spotted near Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday, June 19, while portions of the state were under severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. The uploader was in Bennett, Colorado, when he spotted the storm.

This video shows horses grazing in a field in Adams County while a funnel cloud developed in the distance.

Severe storms brought hail to the Denver area on June 19, and there were reports of funnel clouds and tornadoes to the eastern Plains, according to local news reports. There was still a chance for storms on Wednesday, June 20.

No injuries or major damage was reported from the funnel cloud, according to local news outlets.

A local meteorologist reported spotting a funnel cloud near the airport, but the National Weather Service had not issued a tornado watch for that storm.

Hail sized anywhere from quarter-sized to as large as a tennis ball hit portions of Colorado the day prior. Credit: Eric Hurst via Storyful