Upside-Down House in Colombia Wows Visitors With Optical Illusions

A new gravity-defying tourist attraction near Bogota in Colombia is proving to be a popular spot, with guests posting fun images from inside the building, which is essentially one big optical illusion.

Drone footage taken by photographer Hernando Rozo Rodriguez on January 15 shows the exterior of the building, complete with a car parked high above ground level.

The upside-down house, called La Casa Loca, was built in the village of Santa Maria de Guatavita, in Colombia’s Guavio region, by Austrian native Fritz Schall.

According to El Tiempo, Schall, who has lived in Colombia for 22 years, had the idea of creating the topsy-turvy structure back in 2015, after seeing a similar building while on vacation in his home country.

Schall said that the house is not only upside-down, but it is also tilted five degrees to the left and five degrees back – which is explained to guests before they enter, as the building can cause vertigo and can disorient the brain until the body adapts to the illusion. Credit: Hernando Rozo Rodriguez via Storyful

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