Vancouver Residents Cheer From Balconies for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

Residents of Vancouver cheered, banged on pots from balconies and blasted horns collectively in appreciation for healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, on March 24.

The cheering has become a daily ritual at 7 pm local time, according to media reports.

Tomas Jeck took this video from his apartment in Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood.

“People in Vancouver every day at 7 pm cheers and try to say thanks to all people which are risking their health in this bad times. Most for people in healthcare because they are working with infected people but we need them for most,” Jeck told Storyful.

There were 3,385 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada on March 25, with 35 deaths. 659 of those cases were in British Columbia, according to health officials. Credit: Tomas Jeck via Storyful