Violent Tornado Sweeps Through Olive Oil Factory in Greece

A tornado ripped through a factory in Kalamata, Greece, on Monday, November 4, shattering windows and sending debris into the air.

The powerful storm hit Kalamata, a city in southern Greece, and caused severe damage to buildings in the area including the Papadimitriou factory which produces vinegar and olive oil.

CCTV footage shows debris flying around the sky as strong winds blow two tall trees in the background. Moments later, the full force of the tornado hits the factory, with the 1,500-square meter roof of the factory being torn asunder.

In the text accompanying the video, the company thanked everyone for their “love and support.”

“We feel very fortunate that although we were all in the factory at the time of the incident, we are all well. The damage, fortunately, is only material”, they said. Credit: Kalamata Papadimitriou via Storyful