'Wake Up, Colorado!' Says State Patrol After Two Vehicles Struck in Two Days

Colorado State Patrol (CSP) on June 27 issued an appeal to drivers to “slow down or move over” after two incidents over two consecutive days in which CSP vehicles pulled over on roadways were struck by distracted drivers.

The first collision happened in the early hours of Wednesday, June 22, when a pickup truck struck a CSP patrol motorcycle and a tow truck that were pulled to the side of Interstate 25. Trooper Dean McClain and the tow truck operator were struck by debris and sustained minor injuries, while the pickup driver sustained moderate injuries and his passenger sustained serious injuries, CSP said in a press release. The pickup driver was later arrested for driving under the influence, CSP said.

The second incident, which is depicted in this footage, happened on Thursday as Trooper Barco and a tow truck driver were assisting a stranded motorist on Interstate 76 in Logan County, CSP said. The driver of a black Dodge 2500 pickup failed to slow down, despite emergency lights flashing on both the tow-truck and Trooper Barco’s vehicle, and slammed into the side of Barco’s patrol car.

The first video, captured by a dashcam in Trooper Barco’s vehicle, shows Barco and the stranded motorist fleeing towards the highway median moments before the collision. The second video shows the collision as captured by a dashcam in the Dodge 2500.

CSP said driver of the pickup sustained non-life-threatening injuries while everyone else escaped uninjured. “Although still under investigation, distracted driving may be a factor in the crash, and the driver will be charged accordingly,” they said.

“Wake up Colorado,” said Chief of Colorado State Patrol Matthew Packard in a statement. “The ‘slow down or move over law’ is to protect us, so we can protect you, just as Trooper Barco protected the other motorist in need. Please move over and curb any distraction that takes away from your responsibility to be a safe driver!” Credit: Colorado State Patrol via Storyful

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