Wheelchair User Knocked Over as Police Charge Protesters in Rennes

Police charged pension-reform protesters in Rennes on December 12, knocking a wheelchair user to the ground as they did so, video from the scene shows.

Strikes and protests in France against the Macron government’s proposed pension reforms have disrupted transport and services for the past week, and brought hundreds of thousands onto the streets.

The December 12 gathering in Rennes was met with a heavy police presence, after a number of storefronts were vandalized during previous protests.

Video here from a students’ union shows police charging at the protesters. In the melee, a wheelchair user is seen knocked to the ground.

French police reported acts of vandalism during the December 12 demonstration in Rennes. France Bleu carried photos of broken glass at one business. Credit: Union Pirate, le syndicat étudiant de Rennes 2 via Storyful