Wide-Eyed Newborn Has Mind Blown by Television

When Paisley, the daughter of Lea Ashlew Dallas from Roseville, California, was two weeks old she was given a bit of a shock to the system as the magic of television was introduced to her unsuspecting eyes.

Paisley is now 19 months old, but Lea Ashlew Dallas only recently shared the footage of her daughter’s early reaction to TV on TikTok.

“She was born May 4, 2018,” Lea told Storyful, “and that video was made on the 18th, so she was only 14 days old. That was the very first time I showed her anything on the TV.”

She continued, “It was a newborn stimulation video and she was so shocked by all of the colors. I would try it out every once in a while and she would react like that every time. It was the cutest thing ever.” Credit: Lea Ashlew Dallas via Storyful