Woman Arrested After Buying Heroin While With Her Two-Year-Old Grandson

Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies said they arrested a woman in DeLand, Florida, on June 19, after witnessing her purchasing heroin while with her two-year-old grandson.

Once detained, the deputy spoke to the woman about the dangers of Fentanyl, a narcotic often mixed with heroin, especially if accidentally ingested by a young child.

Holding up the evidence bag, the deputy says, “That’s definitely enough to kill you. So I would say it’s definitely…probably four to five times as lethal to a child that’s two-years-old. So that bag just opens up and it blows through the air and he breathes it in… A, he’s gonna be high, and B, it’s gonna kill him. And that never crosses your mind.”

In their post on Facebook, the sheriff’s office said of the incident, “That’s unthinkable to most of us, but drug addiction makes the unthinkable happen in communities across the country. We’ll keep working to take drugs off our streets and hold offenders accountable before more lives are lost.”

News reports said the toddler was handed over to a relative. Credit: Volusia Co. Sheriff via Storyful