Woman Forcibly Ejected From School Board Meeting for Not Wearing Mask in DeLand, Florida

A number of antimask protesters were ejected from a meeting of the Volusia County School Board in DeLand, Florida, on October 27, ahead of a reported decision by the board to make the wearing of masks mandatory in schools.

The group of women were on hand to object to the plan and delayed the start of the meeting for more than an hour, according to a local report.

One of the women, whose Facebook account is in the name of Love Cohen and who is named in reports as Rachael Cohen, moved to the ground as she was being lifted out of the meeting by a police officer. Footage uploaded to Facebook by Lindsey Wilken D’Amore shows Cohen being ejected.

A number of the protesters captured footage of their interactions with officials and law enforcement, including the moment Cohen was removed.

The women were told they would need to wear a mask to stay at the meeting and were ultimately removed but not arrested, according to reports.

“We are just loving, compassionate mothers who don’t want masks to be mandated on children, and called out the hypocrisy of being forced to wear masks in a county that has NO mandate, in a state whose governor said he was no longer enforcing mask wearing through law enforcement,” Cohen told Storyful. Credit: Lindsey Wilken D’Amore via Storyful