Woman Shares Video of Maggots on Pizza From Syracuse Pizzeria

A woman shared a video on Facebook of two slices of pizza covered in maggots which she claims she purchased from a Syracuse, New York, pizzeria.

Kate Hancock Malicek said she opened the pizza box when she left the business and found maggots crawling around the pizza. “Just went to grab a take out order of wings from Senioras on Thompson Rd and decided to grab a couple slices they had on the counter – the guy put it in the oven for literally 20 seconds,” she posted.

The footage shows maggots crawling along the slices. Mallicek says in the video that they were going back inside to show them. According to local media, the restaurant gave Mallicek her money back and apologized, however, they deny the maggots came from them, claiming she faked the video. As of writing, the footage has over 85,000 views on Facebook. Credit: Kate Hancock Malicek via Storyful