Woman Sues St Paul Police After She's Attacked by Police Dog

A woman is suing the St. Paul Police Department after she was attacked by a K-9 while taking out the garbage in the early hours of September 23.

The woman, 52-year-old Desiree Collins, suffered bites on her arm and leg when the dog attacked her behind a dumpster near St. Paul’s Dale St.

According to a report by Pioneer Press, the dog was accompanied by officers who were searching for two male burglary suspects. The officers ordered the dog to release Collins and tried to activate the K-9’s electronic shock collar, but their efforts only caused the dog to apply more pressure until it was finally physically removed.

“The bottom line is this was a situation that could have been avoided if the dog was kept on a shorter leash and proper warnings were given,” said Desiree Collins’ attorney, Andrew Noel.

These two videos are from two separate officers’ body cams. Credit: St. Paul Police Department via Storyful