Woman Tries to Block Portland Protesters Targeting Police Station With Paint

A heated interaction took place outside the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct during a night of anti-racism protests late on August 6, as a woman tried to block demonstrators from vandalizing the building.

“This is my neighborhood, my police department so back off, my Black friends don’t need the problem,” the woman can be heard saying to protesters, before one protester throws paint on hoarding surrounding the building, and splashing the woman with paint in the process.

“I marched with him [Martin Luther King] and I marched with women’s rights,” the woman tells that protester, who replies: “Do you know what he believes in? He believes in this. He believes in taking back our country!”

“Yes he did,” the woman responds. “But do you know what, darling? He didn’t believe in destruction.”

Scott Keeler who recorded the footage told Storyful he believed the woman was a local resident. “She was telling them that they were hurting their movement with their actions,” he added.

Declaring the protest a riot, Portland Police ordered those gathered at the precinct to “disperse immediately,” warning that failure to comply would result in arrest. Credit: Scott Keeler via Storyful