Wuhan Sisters Separated by COVID-19 Reunite at a Distance as City Continues Recovery

A volunteer helping COVID-19 patients during their recovery in Wuhan, China, caught a tearful family reunion of sorts on camera on March 27.

The volunteer, who has asked to remain unidentified, was helping transfer recovering patients from isolation at a Wuhan hotel to continue their recovery process at home.

On March 27, as he was helping one woman on to a bus to transport her back home, a tearful woman was calling from down the street.

The pair are seen waving at each other as the woman entering the bus says “please go back,” later explaining to the volunteer that the woman was her “older sister.”

Speaking with Storyful, the volunteer said that he later talked with the older sister of the recovering patient, who said that her younger sibling had lost her husband to the coronavirus, and said that she had not been home for two months.

Pictures taken in Wuhan on April 2 and 3 show the city returning to something approaching normal, with street food vendors back in operation.

According to a Chinese media report, by April 2, about 76,570 COVID-19 patients who had been hospitalized with the disease had recovered. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful