New Zealand Police Share Hilarious Coronavirus Do's And Don'ts Advice

The New Zealand Police shared a hilarious coronavirus do’s and don’ts PSA video on April 6.

The video, produced by and starring Hamish McCormick from Wellington, New Zealand, shows a man trying on different outfits for a number events, which are either allowed or banned because of the country’s measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

NZ Police wrote on their Facebook page that the pandemic was “not an easy time”, and said “let’s get through it with humour, grace, empathy and a bit of kiwi ingenuity. We are all in this together.”

McCormick was clearly pleased with the opportunity to have his work shared by the police, writing on his Twitter profile, “Wow, so stoked to be able to create this content for NZ Police – what a privilege. Thank you for the opportunity.”

New Zealand has had an estimated 1,106 coronavirus cases in the country with one recorded death. Credit: New Zealand Police via Storyful