Videoke session cut short after stabbing in Dalaguete

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A videoke session was cut short after a village councilor in Dalaguete town in southern Cebu allegedly stabbed his attacker on Friday at 8 p.m., September 16, 2022.

Police identified the suspect as Barangay Nalhub councilor Miguel Obiedo Belda, 51, of Sitio Alang-alang of the said barangay, and the victim as Mario Agtong Obiedo, 39, a farmer.

Belda was allegedly attacked by his relative Mario, while he was singing 'Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin' of the late April Boy Regino.

But he ended up in jail after he retaliated and stabbed his attacker with a kitchen knife.

Belda was having a videoke session then with his relatives, when the victim arrived and tried to attack him with a bolo.

He, in turn, took a kitchen knife from the lechon tray and stabbed the victim, who was hit in his right arm.

Police Senior Master Sergeant Nap Kelly Segarra of Dalaguete Police Station said in an interview with SunStar Cebu that Obiedo was already bloodied when they arrived at the scene.

But Obiedo had a different version of what happened during the incident.

He told police that he just dropped by the house of Belda and joined in the drinking session.

After a while, he left and later came back but suddenly Belda, who was then singing one of April Boy Regino's popular songs, allegedly stabbed him with a kitchen knife intended for the roasted pig (lechon), which was their appetizer taken with wine or pulutan, prompting him to run away.

Obiedo sustained a stab wound in his right ram.

Responding policemen arrested the suspect in his home.

In an interview with SunStar Cebu, Belda admitted to the crime, saying he only defended himself when the victim tried to attack him with a bolo while they were having a party at the house of his relatives.

Belda said they were having fun singing when Obiedo arrived.

He said he did not greet the victim as they were not in good terms.

After a while, the victim walked away as they continued singing.

Then all of a sudden, one of their relatives shouted at Belda, saying "look manoy (watch older brother)."

When he turned around, he saw the victim about to hack him with a bolo aimed at his neck.

He quickly retreated and took the kitchen knife from the lechon tray and stabbed the victim with it.

The victim was spared from further harm when their relatives pacified them.

"Lingaw nakog kanta sa kang idol April Boy Regino, may gani dili ako nagkupot sa microphone nakamaniho ko sa pagdepensa! putol unta akong liog ato," the councilor said.

(I had fun singing a song of idol April Boy Regino, luckily I was not holding the microphone, I was able to defend myself. I would have had a severe neck).

It was learned that the misunderstandings between Belda and Obiedo started with a kite.

Obiedo and his father, who is a relative of the councilor, were fond of playing kites, even during the nighttime and until dawn.

The two had very big kites which are very noisy especially during the evening when people are already sleeping.

"I told them not to fly kites because these are very noisy in the evening and at dawn," said Belda, adding that the victim took offense at his remarks.

Since then, Obiedo would carry a bolo and dare the councilor to a fight when he got drunk.

Belda will be facing a case of frustrated homicide. (GPL, TPT)