Villaflor: Now what?

Noel Villaflor
·1 min read

Despite massive challenges, the 2020 Philippines Football League (PFL) can only be described as a success, and with football fans following the matches en masse online mainly through the social media platforms of YouTube and Facebook, airline partner and title sponsor Qatar Airways should be delighted it inked a three-year deal with the league.

While the fans loyal and new are happy in the safety of their homes, the teams, staff, organizers and production crew leave the bubble and all its uncertainties with a sense of relief, satisfaction and triumph for pulling off a difficult undertaking, an achievement that even merited kudos from Spain’s La Liga in their Facebook page.

Now what?

For the players and everyone directly involved in the league, most likely they’ll take that much needed rest alongside mandatory quarantine guidelines, before reconnecting with family and peers, way into the end of the year. While the teams deserve much needed rest, the movers of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) and PFL do not and should not have that luxury.

The PFF must sustain the momentum that the success of the 2020 PFL has created, so as early as possible it should keep the sport’s followers and stakeholders abreast, excited, forward looking yet cautiously optimistic with its plans. Season’s end would be the perfect time for the PFF and PFL not just to ponder about the future of the sport, from the grassroots to the professional and the national levels, but to actually get down to business in the war room.

Adversity is always a test of individual and collective character, and this new normal just takes these challenges and changes to levels unheard of as the world of football prepares for the promises and uncertainties of 2021.