VIRAL: Cringe-worthy text message shows acquaintance inviting self to wedding

Assumptions can get you killed, or at least make you go viral all over social media, as proven in this Facebook post.

The Facebook page of Project Vanity Events, a group of event organizers, on Tuesday, posted a public service announcement reminding people to wait for the bride or groom to invite you to their wedding.

What prompted this? A very cringe-worthy text message from a soon-to-wed client.

“Dear guests, please wait for the couple to personally invite you to their wedding and not voluntarily confirm your presence,” the caption started. “Especially if you aren’t really that close.”

The events organizers’ page went on to say in Filipino that the soon-to-wed couple is working within a certain budget and “won’t throw a fiesta.”

The screencap of the awkward text message between the soon-to-wed client and wannabe guest shows that the latter was the one who prompted the conversation.

“Hey you’re already getting married! Are we invited?” asked the “guest” in Filipino.

“I wanted to bring my girlfriend, can I??”

The person replied: “Hi sorry our wedding is for family and very close friends only. We only have a limited budget which is why we only prepared for a few guests.”

To make matters worse, the “guest” said his girlfriend had already prepared for the wedding: “Oh is that so. What a waste I already told my girlfriend that we were going to attend a wedding and she already prepared. Thanks anyway.”

Feel the passive-aggressive tone?

“What?? I’m so sorry but we have never invited you,” the soon-to-wed said. “We personally invited our closed (sic) friends and family only. Just because we posted on Facebook that we’re getting married doesn’t mean everyone is invited. Hope you understand.”

In its Facebook caption, Project Vanity Events wrote: “So don’t think in advance. You haven’t even been invited yet, you already brought a plus one.”

“Lesson to all couples, be strict on your guestlist (sic). If you don’t personally know them, put an X already. This is your wedding. You guys should be the ones who will be followed so that everybody [will be] happy,” the caption reads.

In a comment, the wedding organizer group said that the wannabe guest is actually one of their clients’ friend from college but that “They have not communicated for several years.”

The post has gone viral with over 21,000 likes and 10,000 shares. Some netizens couldn’t help but share their own wedding planning horror stories.

Shin Serolf Mero wrote that she was furious when her husband’s friends asked if they could bring their girlfriends.

“This is so true. Before our wedding, my hubby had friends asking if they could bring their girlfriends. What is this, Luneta [Park]??! I was furious,” she said. “I told my husband our wedding is supposed to be special. I’m not paying for someone I don’t know.”

Grace Ann Chato Lagdameo added: “That feeling after the wedding that you’ll just ask your husband.. ‘Do you know that person?’ Hahaha.”

Mark Dungo joked: “At my wedding, everyone’s invited. But at the reception, there would be something on the gate that says ‘NO GIFT NO ENTRY’.”

Milaine Santos added to the conversation by saying: “It’s like it’s even the couple’s fault that the girlfriend prepared for a wedding that he wasn’t even invited to in the first place LOL. People have no shame these days hahaha.”

Let this be a lesson to everyone: don’t assume anything.

*Coconuts Manila has reached out to Project Vanity Events for further comment but they have yet to respond as of this article’s posting. 

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