VIRAL: Crowd successfully traps python after it raises havoc in Manila

This is not an average day for daily commuters.

A viral video shows a crowd of men successfully catching a python in front of a bus station on Taft Ave. in Pasay City yesterday.

Facebook user Maryann Te captured the incident wherein authorities and civilians trapped the serpent inside a sack.

Te told Coconuts Manila that she was supposed to board a bus at the BBL Buendia station to go home when she heard the commotion at 12pm.

“I approached the crowd to check, and I saw a huge snake. At first, it wasn’t moving, so a man grabbed it by its tail to check if it were alive or not. We were surprised when it suddenly moved,” she said in Filipino.

She added that no one knows how the snake got there. “I just know that they (crowd) were rowdy in the middle of the road,” she said.

The video shows the struggle of putting the snake in the sack. “It’s so big! Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt to get bitten by that (snake),” a man from the crowd jokingly says in Filipino.

The 3-minute video shows people screaming, laughing, and fleeing whenever the giant snake tries to break free from the mob that’s attempting to capture it.

By the end of the video, they finally manage to trap it after they use a carton box, a tray, and a sack.

The video had over 2.2million views and 48,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens had mixed reactions about the video.

Facebook user Mary Nichole Halili wrote in Filipino: “I don’t know whether I should laugh or get nervous for them”

Earlyseven Strikeland said: “Poor thing. The snake was so scared.”

One commended the bravery of the men in the video. Proe Shau Perez stated: “Pinoys are so good. So brave.”

“Capture it correctly and put it back in its natural habitat, or surrender it at wildlife, animal sanctuaries,” said Alvin Ringgo C. Reyes.

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