VIRAL: Man acting like he was on a call busted for taking photos of woman in skirt

How difficult is it nowadays for a woman to go out and go on with her business without some creep harassing her? Very hard, it turns out, as proven by this viral video.

Facebook user Baby Elli shared a now-viral video on Monday of a man who acted as if he was on a phone call but was actually trying to take a photo of a woman wearing a skirt.

Elli was sitting on the staircase of an establishment when she spotted the man in the striped shirt placing a phone to his ear. In the video, you can see how the man kept moving around, as if he was trying to get a good angle.

At some point in the video, it can be seen that his phone’s camera was actually on.

He would’ve gotten away with it too if his phone camera’s flash didn’t go off. Oops.

The man can then be seen getting up to leave but not without taking a final look to check if his victim had noticed.

The video has been viewed more than 768,000 times and shared over 9,600 times. Netizens were angry about the incident:

A certain Facebook user by the name Alia Sscr Brtlm wrote in Filipino: “To be honest, those who are older, they’re the number 1 perverts or should I say [sex] MANIACS.”

She added: “I remembered one time when I was just about to ride a tricycle to work, an old man was looking at me until I got to sit down. I couldn’t contain myself. ‘DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM? YOU’VE BEEN STARING AT MY SKIRT FOR SO LONG ALREADY.’ He was shocked and looked down instead.”

Rodriguez Ice said in Filipino: “You son of a bitch! You are embarrassing. I’d enjoy strangling you.”

Facebook user Galang Angela said in Filipino: “Hahahaha you can see the screen of his cellphone. He was taking a video. He probably got scared that the woman would kick and embarrass him, that’s why he went down [the staircase].”

Others tagged their loved ones and told them to take more care. A certain Jozel Bautista Antioquia wrote in Filipino: “Always take care around these kinds of people.”

One called out Elli for not confronting the man. “You should’ve confronted the man already so he would get embarrassed,” wrote Princess Renaila.

Instances like this are all too common.

On Monday, a video of a random man trying to put his head on a woman’s shoulder inside a jeepney also went viral. In the video, the woman tries to remove the man’s head from her shoulder then later moves to a different seat. Netizens called it creepy and described it as a move of a sex maniac.

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