VIRAL: Sister gives her sibling PHP20, creates resume to help her get a job

Tough love.

This is what Facebook user Princess Johara Narawi experienced when she shared a post that has recently gone viral showing a PHP20 (US$0.38) bill and a resume tailor-made for her, created by her older sister.


In the note her sister left, it says in Filipino: “Cess, because you’re jealous about the sibling that went viral on Facebook [that gave their younger sibling money], here I made you a resume so you can apply [for a job] so you can buy all that you want.”

The PHP20 (US$0.38), it says, is an added bonus for Narawi’s commute fare.

Narawi told Coconuts Manila in a Facebook message that her sister had done it because Narawi kept tagging her on viral posts on social media of older siblings giving money to their younger siblings. “I didn’t expect that she would do it, but in her unique way,” she said.

As to why she made a resume, Narawi shared that she asked her sister before to edit her CV “so that I could apply for my dream job.”

“I guess instead of editing my CV, she gave me a new one,” wrote Narawi. Gotta give props for the effort.

Narawi clarified that she is currently employed as an Online English Teacher for Japanese students, however, she said that her sister’s effort to make her a resume is to help Narawi achieve her dream of becoming a flight attendant for international airlines.

The post now has over 35,000 likes and 16,000 shares. Netizens were delighted by the post, adding their thoughts on the matter:

Facebook user Teru Shi Ai said that her sister was “practical.”

John Ray Cantos wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “At least she made you a resume! It’s so boring [to do one] hahah”

One followed suit, telling her friend she’ll make her a resume too.

Angelica Mombay said in Filipino: “I prefer this, to be honest.”

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