Viral TikTok video of plus-size model ‘surprising’ her boyfriend cracks up netizens

A Filipina plus-size model has gone viral on Facebook after posting a funny TikTok video last week that starts off as a prank on her boyfriend — and ends up being being a prank on the viewer.

Teena Arches, who stars in the video, starts off by eagerly telling the audience, “My boyfriend’s gonna come [here]. I’m going to surprise him.”

The 27-year-old then hides behind a wardrobe while barely keeping herself from erupting into laughter. After several seconds of glancing out the door in anticipation of her “boyfriend,” she hurries back in front of the camera and tells the audience, “Oh I remembered. I don’t have a boyfriend!”

OK, Teena, you got us.

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The cute video has been viewed nearly a million times and has attracted almost 70,000 reactions, most from people who thought it was a riot.

In an interview with Coconuts Manila, Arches said she got the inspiration for the video from another TikTok user.

“I saw a funny bit and just made my own version of it. For the idea itself, I can’t take credit,” she admitted.

“I filmed it, literally, right before posting it. It was in my room and the video was my first and only take. I burst out laughing right after and decided to post it immediately,” she added.

Arches said she’s “very happy” that the video has been so widely shared on Facebook.

“I love making funny videos and making people laugh,” she said. “I loved that it was taken well and no hate comments at all! Although, it’s kind of weird to think that, almost a million people know that I’m single. Haha.”

Aside from posting funny videos, Arches is an advocate of self-love and uses the hashtag #MagandaAkoPeriod (“I’m beautiful, period”) to proudly champion the notion that beauty comes in all sizes. Nice one, Teena!


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