Viral tweet serves as important reminder you can get certain psych meds for free

·1 min read

Everybody deserves equal access to mental healthcare services. While the Philippines is still a long way from achieving that goal, some may be surprised to know that you can get certain psychological medications for free from the government under the Department of Health’s Medicine Access Program.

Twitter user Jarvis Tan (@jetlax) called attention to the program with an infographic by the Quezon City government directing people where to get their free medicines based on their district.

Quezon City residents with a doctor’s prescription can receive the following tablets: Clozapine 100 mg, Biperiden 2 mg, Chlorpromazine 100 mg, Lithium Carbonate 450 mg, Sertraline 50 mg, Ercitalophram Oxalate 10 mg, Quetiapine 200 mg, and Valproic acid.

Tan emphasized that other patients living outside of Quezon City may also get access to over 19 different medications for free from their nearest health center based on this list.