Viral video shows Ukrainian soldier 'saved' from bullet by his Samsung smartphone

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In a video that has since gone viral, a Ukrainian soldier can be seen pulling out his Samsung Galaxy smartphone to reveal a large bullet lodged in it, purportedly showing that the device saved him from being shot.

The clip was first posted online to the subreddit r/interestingasfuck on Tuesday.

In the clip, the soldier can be seen in the snowy trenches with full military gear on. He suddenly reaches into his pocket and hands the person recording the video his phone. In a close-up view, the bullet is shown to have apparently penetrated through both the soldier’s phone case and the back of his phone. The front of the bullet appears to protrude out of a shattered screen.

The soldier’s smartphone, which was reportedly carried in his pocket, seemed to have saved him from taking a 7.62 bullet. The number refers to the rifle’s ammunition round size. This particular model was used by the Soviet Union during World War II.

The soldier can be heard saying to the person recording, “The smartphone stopped the bullet and saved my life” in Ukrainian.

The smartphone seen in the video appears to be a Samsung S20 FE, which was released by the Korean tech corporation in March 2021.

One Reddit user drew a parallel between the Ukrainian soldier and a soldier from World War I who had also been saved from a bullet by some coins in his pocket, calling this instance the “modern version” of it.

Another user commented to say they had the same phone model and cover. “Nice to know it is bulletproof,” they wrote. “My right butt-cheek is well protected.”

The video, whose story has not been confirmed by the soldier or any officials, has since been reposted many times on social media.


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