VisayasMed Hospital boosts educational training for health professionals

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IN LIGHT of its recent rebranding, VisayasMed Hospital, formerly known as Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC), held an appreciation month event for its Office of the Continuing Medical Education (Ocme) on July 7, 2022.

It has also declared the month of July as the official Ocme appreciation month. The Ocme enables the training and development of residents in training and postgraduate interns.

It has continued to prove its strive for excellence as it has produced a number of specialists who have carved their way to be successful in their field of practice.

VisayasMed Hospital offers five training residency programs: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics-gynecology, and Family and community medicine. These programs have passed quality training standards as they have consistently been approved by their respective specialty accreditation board. With the residency program in place, the institution has a postgraduate training program accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Inc. for new graduates of different medical schools to pursue their 12 months rotation before taking the Philippine Licensure Examination.

With the current climate of rebranding the hospital, it is reconfiguring the direction of the Ocme. The new mission and vision of the Ocme looks into all continuity—beyond the residency training program. Now, it will focus on encompassing all employees of the hospital to move further their education which will translate to patient quality care.

The roadmap of the educational training now will pivot on a new mission “to advance healthcare professionals (residents, consultants, postgraduate interns, students) along their lifelong learning trajectory by providing high-quality professional development opportunities that will enhance their ability to provide excellent physician care.”

Under the new Ocme, the pedagogical approach to learning will be restructured. In the new curriculum, outcome-based education is highlighted, which will be a new concept and a model of education that veers away from the traditional teacher-centric classroom setup.

This model favors the student-learner in assessing the skills they need to acquire to holistically become excellent healthcare providers.

Dr. Dax Ronald Librado, Ocme director, share that the postgraduate internship program this year has made a significant stride in the structure as well as the blending of current residency skills and enhancement of andragogy teaching from their medical education program outcomes. This has improved immersion in the program as new educational products of learning were created to suit the cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of their training development.

In the same event, Visayas Med Hospital also inaugurated its Ocme digital newsletter titled, “Medisina.”

The newsletter will feature and honor the rich history of the hospital as the institution moves forward to its bright future.

There is more in store for Visayas Med Hospital’s Office of Continuing Medical Education. With its altruistic aim to consistently aid medical professionals and practitioners in their development, OCME is only getting started in paving a path of excellence and dedication for Cebuano healthcare professionals. (PR)

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