Vlogger Zeinab Harake and rapper Skusta Clee are expecting a baby girl

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Influencer Zeinab Harake and rapper Skusta Clee, also known as Daryl Ruiz, are expecting a baby girl.

The couple, known for their years-long tempestuous relationship, shared the happy news in a vlog uploaded earlier this week, where shows them cruising Manila Bay with friends and family onboard a yacht. Among those who attended were actors Loisa Andalio, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Awra Briguela.

Harake and Ruiz learned about their child’s gender when pink fireworks lit up the night sky, prompting them and their friends to scream in delight.

Harake said she and Ruiz had contradicting desires when it came to the gender of their unborn child.

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“I kept saying that I wanted a daughter but I thought I may have a son. He wanted a boy but he thought I was pregnant with a girl,” she said in Filipino in the video.

Learning that she was having a daughter was a wish come true, Harake said.

“Thank you, Lord. This is the first time that my wish came true. Whenever I pray, I say, ‘I hope you give me that.’ This is the first time this happens,” the former model said.

Harake announced that she was pregnant with Ruiz’s child in December, which surprised many of their fans who thought they had long gone their separate ways. Her depression kept her from sharing the news that she was pregnant, but she assured the public that she never thought her child was a “mistake.”

“This is not karma. This is a blessing from God, and this is the best gift that I have received on my birthday,” she said in her vlog.

Harake is one of the more successful bloggers in the Philippines, with almost 10 million subscribers on her channel. Ruiz is a member of the rap group Ex Battalion and is perhaps the most successful— and controversial— Filipino artist at present.

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