Vloggers arrested for prank gone wrong after pretending to drink gasoline

Two vloggers who faked a medical emergency at a gas station in the town of Mawab, Davao de Oro as they pretended to drink gasoline met a consequence they likely last expected: getting arrested.

Police arrested content creators Jonel Cordero and Arnold Rabi for a prank done in bad taste as their stunt caused a public disturbance.

Cordero and Rabi were reportedly filming a video for their online content at the gas station, where they bought a small amount of gasoline and filled it into an empty plastic bottle.

Cordero pretended to drink from the bottle, which was apparently switched out for another that contained an energy drink, while Rabi secretly recorded the act. Cordero then pretended to feel ill and vomit.

This caused alarm among customers at the sight of Cordero fainting and vomiting, and prompted the gasoline station’s staff to call for emergency assistance from the town’s disaster risk and management office.

When the emergency response team rushed to the scene and performed first aid, Cordero broke into laughter, and exclaimed, “It’s a prank!”

The situation clearly did not amuse authorities, who proceeded to arrest Cordero and Rabi for alarm and scandal charges, which carries a penalty of 30-day imprisonment and a fine of PHP40,000 (US$732.34).