Vice mayor claims Gullas ‘fired’ 63 job order workers; ‘not true,’ says mayor

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FOLLOWING his split from the Alayon Party, Talisay City Vice Mayor and mayoral candidate Alan Bucao is again throwing allegations against his former running mate, Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr.

This time, Bucao claimed that Gullas had ordered the removal of 63 job order (JO) workers assigned at his office.

In a letter, Bucao asked Gullas to spare the 63 JO workers whom he claims to have been allegedly terminated by the City because of his decision to run for mayor in next year’s elections.

But Gullas, in a statement, denied Bucao’s claim, adding that the former’s erstwhile ally allegedly hired more JO workers than was allotted for him.

“For the record, VM Alan (Bucao) endorsed the hiring of 113 JO workers even though his quota only allows him to hire 50 JO workers while our City councilors can hire 35 under their respective quotas. I am confused as to why VM Alan hired 63 more when his quota only allows 50 workers,” Gullas said.

In his letter, Bucao asked Gullas not to terminate his JO workers following his decision to leave the administration.

Bucao was formerly under Gullas’ Alayon Party but decided not to seek a third term as vice mayor to run for the city’s highest post.

Bucao will be facing Gullas’ wife, Rhea, for mayor. Gullas will be running for congressman of Cebu’s First District.

But Gullas denied using Bucao’s JO workers as a “bargaining chip.”

He added that he was only surprised that Bucao requested his office to approve his endorsement on the hiring of 113 JO workers when the vice mayor only has a regular quota of 50 JOs while city councilors only have 30.

“I am saddened that this has come to this, especially that I have great respect for VM Alan. I’ve never thought that he would resort to this to further his cause,” Gullas added.

Bucao’s recent tirade against Gullas began after he filed his certificate of candidacy for mayor last month.

Bucao claimed that Gullas and his former party reneged on their agreement that the former would serve as the party’s standard bearer in next year’s elections.

Though he initially endorsed Bucao to run for mayor, Gullas said he decided to field his wife as majority of their members in the party didn’t want the vice mayor to run as Alayon’s standard bearer. (ANV, JKV)

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