Volvo begins rolling out over-the-air software updates in the U.S.

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Volvo announced that two of its models are now compatible with over-the-air software updates. The electric XC40 Recharge and three versions of the XC60 are eligible to receive a variety of wireless changes including driving range improvements and small bug fixes.

The Swedish firm published details about its over-the-air software updating system shortly after going public. It's compatible with the new Android-based infotainment system found in many of its cars, including the C40 Recharge unveiled in 2021, and it works a lot like the similar technology that your smartphone features in the sense that the software updates itself; there's no need to stop by a dealer or plug in a USB drive. When an update is ready, a message appears on the dashboard-mounted touchscreen asking motorists if they want to download it.

Owners of compatible cars in the United States received their first over-the-air software update last week. Labeled version 1.7, it notably added SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility. Volvo also noted that the XC40 Recharge received additional driving range during the update. Looking ahead, Volvo plans to wirelessly add new features and enhancements to the infotainment system.

Only some 2021 and 2022 models can receive over-the-air updates. As of writing, the list of compatible cars is limited to the aforementioned XC40 Recharge, the XC60, the XC60 Recharge, and the XC60 Polestar Engineered. It's reasonable to assume that the feature will spread across the range in the coming years as new models are launched. Sister company Polestar also offers over-the-air updates on the 2.

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