VP Binay: I've always dreamed of becoming president

The 2016 presidential election may still be years away but all eyes are now on Vice President Jejomar Binay.
And he seems ready for all the attention. After all, he already bared his “intent” to join the 2016 race, a political move far from his 2010 strategy that led him to a surprising win as Vice President. And although he refuses to give details on this “intent”, Binay appears sure there is no way to go but the presidency.

“Bata pa ako, talagang nanaginip na akong maging presidente,” a candid Binay tells Yahoo! Southeast Asia in a sit-down interview in his office at the grand Coconut Palace.

Born from a poor family and worked his way up as a human rights lawyer, Binay holds an extensive executive leadership experience under his belt as mayor of Makati in 1986 to 1998, and from 2001 to 2010. This makes him a tough contender for the 2016 polls.

Not a ‘spare tire’

The Vice President post, although essential, has in recent years did not appear crucial compared to the chiefs of the branches of government. And this is what Binay wants to change.

“I’m trying to live up to what was my message during the campaign. And that was hindi po ako magiging spare tire, na titingin tingin sa langit,” said Binay, who is also PH’s housing czar, and presidential adviser for OFW concerns.

Binay says the best thing about his tough job is having the opportunity to help.

"I take pride in being confronted with the challenge of reducing the number [of homeless Filipinos]," said Binay.

“I’m a working Vice President,” Binay claims, much to the chagrin of his critics—is he trying to overshadow the president and politicking too early in the game?

“It’s not a competition. Hindi naman apple to ‘apple to apple’ ito, malawak ang responsibilidad ng Pangulo, marami siyang dapat trabahuhin,” Binay said.

“May tiwala kami sa isa’t-isa, as part of his administration, as part of his family,” Binay adds.

And despite a foreseen split come 2016, Binay describes his current relations with Aquino as “extremely good,” noting that he and Aquino have been friends since the latter’s mother, Cory Aquino, came to power.

In fact, Binay is also all-praise for his ‘boss’.

“Ang galing magtanong niyan, when he attends a meeting alam mong nagaaral yan. Kung si Presidente nag-abogado, magaling siya sa cross examination. He’s a good boss, he’s really working,” said Binay, although he already surpassed Aquino’s trust ratings.

Binay shares more about his job, and speaks his mind about power and corruption

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Jejomar Binay dreams to become the presidentVice-President Jejomar Binay talks about his duties to the country and his relationship with President Aquino. Interview by Thea Alberto-Masakayan. video produced by Yahoo! Southeast Asia and Filquest Media Concepts Incorporated.