VP Sara’s camp considers pressing charges against critics who said she rides presidential chopper daily after her post went viral

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After Vice President Sara Duterte thanked President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos in a now-viral Facebook post for letting her use the presidential chopper so she can get home to her kids before bedtime, the VP’s camp said it was looking to press charges against netizens who claimed she rides the helicopter “each day.”

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Duterte’s post divided opinions between social media users: while some thought it showed she was a loving and devoted mother, others questioned the use of taxpayer resources to shuttle her between Manila and Davao City, where Duterte’s family hails from.

Afer the post went viral, Duterte’s spokesperson, Reynold Munsayac, clarified that the VP and her children have been based in Manila since she assumed office, adding they mostly use land vehicles.

“We are currently studying whether this would qualify as a criminal case since these kinds of posts mislead and fool people, and we know that if we allow these stories to propagate, people may believe them,” Munsayac said in Filipino.

On Tuesday, Duterte wrote a birthday post dedicated to Marcos Jr, who turned 65, writing:

“Thank you, PBB, and your 250th PAW for ensuring that wherever I may be found in the country during the day, I am home in time to tuck my children to bed. Thank you for putting a premium on the desire of a working mother to be present in her children’s lives.”

The 250th PAW is the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing, described as “one of the premier flying units of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) mandated to provide air transport for the President, the immediate members of the Chief Executive’s family, visiting Heads of State/Government, and other local and foreign VIPs.”

Following the backlash from netizens, Duterte also released a statement on Thursday called out her critics, who she said “conjured a lie from an appreciation post.”

“For the President’s birthday, I expressed my appreciation for the man who has shown great concern for a working mother and how he provided his all-out support for his Vice President to be able to move around quickly and accomplish work efficiently.”

“An appreciation was also extended to the President’s team, who works long hours, tirelessly hopping from one island province to another to reach our fellow Filipinos.”

“I believe that a person who can conjure a lie from an appreciation post — that a helicopter is being used to go home every day, even giving in to the itch of maliciously suggesting that it is for personal use — should seriously reflect on why he had to lie.”