VVOC: Infected vaxxed in Central Visayas young adults from working class

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THE Visayas Vaccination Operations Center (VVOC) said the vaccinated young adults in Central Visayas who topped the figures for breakthrough infections were from the working class.

VVOC spokesperson Dr. Mary Jean Loreche said of the 13,596 total breakthrough infections in the region, 8,209 or 60 percent belonged to the young adult category (18 to 35 years old).

“These are mostly the ones who go out to work. Most of them are asymptomatic at 6,463,” Loreche said.

The data the region has, Loreche explained, actually correspond with global data, including that of the Centers for Disease Control in terms of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated.

Despite breakthrough infections, getting vaccinated remains vital against severe conditions or death caused by Covid-19, she said.

If a person was administered a second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and after 14 days, developed an infection, it could be that during the time he received the vaccine, he got exposed to the virus that causes Covid-19.

“Remember, each of us, in basic immunology, has different responses in our immune system. Factors include our age, our nutritional status, our absence or presence of comorbidities,” she said. (JOB)

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