About to go on a beach trip, but your Rx says to avoid sun? No sweat—Walmart sends protection before my suitcase is zipped

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The sun and I? It's complicated. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
The sun and I? It's complicated. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

I'm packing for our long-anticipated beach vacay. Hello, Sunshine!!! But as I tuck my bikini inside, it hits me: Oh no ... sunshine!

Sadly, the sun and I aren’t buds anymore. I’m still solar-powered at heart, but antibiotics have made me super-sensitive to UV rays. And the beach forecast shows nary a cloud. I scan my scanty garments. This won't do.

Sunscreen alone won’t suffice for boogie-boarding in the reflective ocean, strolling on the shimmery sand or kayaking on a bright bay. I need protection — stat. Honestly, I should be more careful around my fiery friend, whether I'm on antibiotics or not.

Good thing that Walmart+ can deliver the goods pronto! The retail giant's same-day service has helped me several times already by quickly bringing fresh groceries, emergency coffee, pet essentials and garden needs right my doorstep.

Even nonmembers can try out the free 30-day trial with no commitment. When that trial is up, you can choose whether to continue the service for $13 per month or $98 per year.

Here are some last-minute Walmart+ items I found that'll help me and my fam have fun in the sun without getting burned.

Keep rays at bay in this full-coverage swim top. (Photo: Walmart)
Keep rays at bay in this full-coverage swim top. (Photo: Walmart)

Now this is what I'm talking about. A swim shirt that looks cool and keeps skin from frying to a crisp. The Avia Women's Long Sleeve Rashguard Swimsuit Top is simple and provides plenty of coverage, which is essential for anyone who is fair, modest or on antibiotics. 

I love black. But if a goth beach look isn't for you, check out this pretty blue floral version. Sizes run from S to XXL. 

Mission Cooling Bucket Hat for Men & Women, UPF 50 Sun Protection

This hat's for chillin'. (Photo: Walmart)
This hat's for chillin'. (Photo: Walmart)

My husband and I will be fighting over this hat. It keeps you cool and protected from the sun. Would it be weird for us to have twin hats? 

This unisex khaki Mission Cooling Bucket Hat has UPF 50 protection and a three-inch, flop-free brim, to keep harmful rays away. To activate the chemical-free cooling technology simply sweat — or dampen the hat. Once wet, wring it, wave it and feel it drop 30 degrees below body temperature. It's antimicrobrial and machine washable, which is very important to me.

The adjustable strap prevents it from getting snatched up by the sea breeze (or by an envious spouse).

Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 70

Because sunburns are no fun. (Photo: Walmart)
Because sunburns are no fun. (Photo: Walmart)

Come summertime, sweet freckles bloom like dandelions all over our seven-year-old's face. Adorable, and a sure sign that her fair skin needs extra protection. But we don't want all that sunscreen to wash away in the ocean. 

Enter Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 70. This stuff is made for active kids to use when swimming, playing in sprinklers or frolicking in summer rains. The dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, oil-free and PABA-free formula is water-resistant for up to 80 mins.

I plan to borrow this to shield my currently compromised face. The convenient size lets us pop it into a pocket and go.

Mainstays 7.5-foot Beach Umbrella with Tilt, Sand Anchor

This umbrella's got you covered. (Photo: Walmart)
This umbrella's got you covered. (Photo: Walmart)

Why pay $20 a day to rent a beach umbrella when you can have your own delightful portable one to use again and again? The vibrant Mainstays 7.5-foot Beach Umbrella keeps the whole family protected from the sun, and helps you spot your stuff after you drift down the shore.

The tilt feature allows you to adjust the angle as the sun moves for maximum shade. And the top vent and sand anchor will help prevent it from getting carried away by a gust of wind. It's durable too, with a rust-free steel frame and flexible fiberglass. The carry bag and strap make it easy to throw over your shoulder as you head out the door.

Body Glove Black Tidal Waterproof Phone Case

Don't let your phone go skinny-dipping. (Photo: Walmart)
Don't let your phone go skinny-dipping. (Photo: Walmart)

My phone has seen dribbles, drips, drops and dunks (into puddles and worse). Since the ocean and bay will be all around us on this trip, a waterproof phone case is essential. 

The Body Glove Black Tidal Waterproof Phone Case, pictured above, is sized to fit iPhones 7, 8 and SE 2020 like a glove, but it's available in a host of sizes. This tough guy guards against dust, dirt, sand, water and snow. You would think this thing would have to be hefty, but it's light and slim.

This case is so durable that it can protect a phone for up to 30 whole minutes underwater at up to six feet depth. Dang! And on land, it can cushion a six-foot drop. An excellent investment!

onn. Medium Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lighting, Cobalt Blue

A little sea spray won't kill this vibe. (Photo: Walmart)
A little sea spray won't kill this vibe. (Photo: Walmart)

A proper beach trip requires proper beach jams. This waterproof bluetooth speaker can stream mellow music by day and crank up to party mode by night. (Beach tip: For a good time, cue “Rock Lobster.”)

The medium oon. Rugged Speaker will go, go, go for 10 hours straight before needing a charge. You can even pair it with other select onn. speakers for surround sound. The LED lighting effects make it even more festive. It also comes in dark gray with a purple glow light.

May the moon become our disco ball and the sand our dance floor.

When you're in a pinch, Walmart+ truly delivers.

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