Walrus delights locals in northern Germany

This unusual visitor is delighting German locals

LOCATION: Wangerooge, Germany

A female walrus has veered off course

traveling miles from her species’ usual habitat

Conservationists say the walrus is healthy

and should be able to find enough food in the mud flats

(SOUNDBITE) (German) ADMINISTRATOR FOR THE LOWER SAXON WADDEN SEA NATIONAL PARK, FLORIAN CARIUS, SAYING: "The walrus is a very unusual out of ordinary guest. The distance to the closest natural habitat is very large and this is a single animal that has undertaken a long journey and undertaken this faraway trip down south. It is most likely the same animal that was spotted on the west coast of Denmark in February. We were experiencing a big cold wave at the time and it was very cold in the region which is maybe why the walrus dared to come so far south."

Walruses are on the Red List of endangered species

and are under special protection in Germany

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