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Netflix's Love Is Blind is our latest TV obsession. The 10-part dating show is utterly outrageous/ambitious/compelling, and we absolutely love it. After proposing without actually meeting their date in person, will anyone actually make it down the aisle? And, more importantly, if they do exchange vows, will the marriages actually last?

If, like us, you just can't get enough of the show and the contestants, we've compiled all their Instagram handles into one handy place for your stalking pleasure. Yes, you will see pictures of Jessica and her dog and, yes, you might be able to get some clues about who is still together before the final...

Lauren Speed

According to her IG bio, 32-year-old Lauren is a producer, director and model. She might also be now married to Cameron Hamilton... if things worked out.

Cameron Hamilton

The other half of everyone's favourite Love Is Blind couple, Cameron is a 28-year-old scientist who says working out the "structure of the mind" is what drives him.

Mark Cuevas

Mark is a 25-year-old personal trainer who lives in Atlanta and is possibly married to Jessica. Apparently, he also loves a little romantic floor picnic set up.

Jessica Batten

Jessica is a 34-year-old regional manager. As well as maybe being married to Mark, fans will also recognise her as the contestant who let her dog sip from a glass of wine.

Kenny Barnes

Kenny is a 27-year-old lighting consultant. "Dad joke mixologist," his Instagram bio reads.

Diamond Jack

Following 10 pod dates, Diamond, 28, was proposed to by Carlton, 34, but their romance sadly didn't last.

Carlton Morton

Carlton, 34, is a social media and marketing manager. He proposed to Diamond after the pair formed a deep connection in the pods.

Damian Powers

Damian, 27, is an industrial supply manager, who hit it off with Giannina Gibelli. Love Is Blind super-sleuths reckon the pair are still together after spotting similar IG posts.

Giannina Gibelli

Giannina, 25, had strong pod chemistry with Damian and the pair ended up getting engaged. "Soulpreneur," reads her Instagram bio. She's also got a very cute dog.

Amber Pike

Amber, 27, is an ex-tank mechanic and cocktail waitress and possibly Matt's wife? Hmm.

Matt Barnett

Dog dad, engineer and traveller (his grid features lots of European travel snaps). He eventually proposed to Amber.

Rory Newbrough

According to his Instagram bio, Rory is a "Game Development Consultant, Ex-Game Director, Content Creator and coffee addict".

Danielle Drouin

Danielle, 27, is a yoga instructor who got engaged to Rory. For some reason, they didn't go to Mexico but revealed they organised their own holiday to Miami right after the show. They're still together.

Lauren Chamblin

LC works as an account exec and recruiter. At one point, it looked like she was going to end up with Matt, but he ended up picking Amber.

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