Warning out vs fake LinkedIn emails leading to malware

Fake email invitations from professional networking service LinkedIn may lead to the dreaded Cridex malware, a security research firm warned.

GFI Labs said those who click on the links from the fake emails may be sent to a BlackHole exploit that will drop the malware to the computer.

"Cridex is a rather nasty piece of work that does everything from target banks and social networking accounts to a little bit of CAPTCHA cracking," it said in a blog post.

It said the IP addresses of the LinkedIn spam run appeared to be the same as those of earlier BBB and Intuit spam runs in recent weeks.

GFI advised computer users to go directly to LinkedIn and check their invites from there, if they have doubts about a LinkedIn mail.

"If in doubt, go directly to Linkedin and check your invites from there," it said. — TJD, GMA News