WATCH: Couple saves drowning foreign tourist in Boracay

This, people, is how to save a life.

Viral at the moment is a video of a Filipino couple who helped save the life of a drowning foreign tourist in Boracay earlier this month.

Louisa Jasmin Jenkins and her boyfriend Justine Navarra had just arrived in the popular beach destination at around 5pm on March 11 when they noticed a guy being carried to the shore.

“[We were] at the shore looking after my young cousin swimming,” Jenkins recalled in a Facebook message to Coconuts Manila. 

“I knew it was an emergency and ran to them as I saw he had no signs of life and [was] cyanotic. I performed CPR right away, which was then taken over by my boyfriend on the latter part.”

This was captured by a video posted by netizen JP Liwag Kabigting, who posted about the incident last week.

The video now has more than 500,000 views, about 1,500 reactions, and close to 500 shares as of this article’s posting.

In it, Jenkins, a nurse, can be seen repeatedly performing CPR on the man who drowned. Towards the end of the video, Navarra, her boyfriend takes over.

Kabigting, who helped carry the tourist to the shore, said the foreigner was with his friends when he jumped off a paddleboard and hit his head. He then lost consciousness and drowned.

Jenkins recalled that the man’s lips were gray, his pulse not palpable, and that he was not breathing normally when they went up to help.

“We stopped the CPR when he showed signs of life, he didn’t really gain consciousness which is normal. He was breathing and had facial grimace and lips turned pink. We turned him to the side for recovery position,” she said.

The tourist was then brought to the hospital and was reportedly discharged later that day.

Jenkins said that being a nurse, she really wanted to help out.

“[S]uch situations call for decisive action. Every second counts to saving a life.”

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