How to watch the first Wholesome Direct and snuggle up to a clutch of cozy games

The curator of cute and captivating social media presence Wholesome Games is putting on a May 26 show full of previews and announcements from a bunch of well anticipated heartwarming titles such as "Spiritfarer", "Chicory," "Garden Story," "Skatebird" and "Ooblets."

More than 25 game studios and publishers are collaborating for the very first Wholesome Direct, which goes live at 1pm ET on May 26.

(That's 10am PDT, 6pm UK, 7pm Central Europe and South Africa, 10.30pm India, then 1am on May 27 in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Beijing, China, 2am in South Korea and Japan, and 3am in Sydney, Australia.)

Its name a riff on Nintendo's regular pre-recorded broadcasts, and many of its participants destined for the Switch as well as other platforms, the Wholesome Direct is an independent project of Wholesome Games, the social media channels run by game developer and cute game fan Matthew Taylor.

Taylor's actually working on an upcoming release himself, "Rolling Hills," a life sim about opening up a sushi restaurant -- but you'd be hard-pressed to find much mention of it on Wholesome Games' Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Instead, it's one of more than 50 titles to feature in the Wholesome Direct.

In the lead-up to May 26, Taylor has been able to confirm exclusive footage and announcements from some of the Wholesome community's favorites.

Those include paintbrush ramble "Chicory," adorably courageous plantlife adventure "Garden Story," bird board trick arena "Skatebird" and apprentice tale "Little Witch in the Woods."

Then there's affecting afterlife sailboat journey "Spiritfarer," wistful farming and creature collection sim "Ooblets," tiny multiplayer online fairytale adventure "Book of Travels" and calming indoor activity "Rainy Season."

Other studios involved include those behind loopy interplanetary jaunt "Winding Worlds," sci-fi exploration and light romantic drama "Haven," mall-saving jaunt "Button City," cuddly animals' farm "Snacko," airship hospital mystery "Wayward Strand" and virtual pen-pal encouragement "Kind Words."