Watch: Kevin Durant kisses courtside fan who was hit by errant pass

Kevin Durant kisses a courtside fan after she was hit with the ball. (Screenshot: TNT)

Sitting courtside at a basketball game can be dangerous sometimes. Mostly because superhuman physical freaks are running at full speed mere feet from you. But the occasional misplaced pass can be perilous, too. A Golden State Warriors fan found that out the hard way on Thursday night:

But sitting courtside at a basketball game can also lead to memorable interactions with players. The same Warriors fan found that out Thursday as well. Her reward for taking a ball to the face? A kiss from Kevin Durant.

Durant immediately showed genuine concern after it appeared the fan had been struck by the ball. He and Jordan Bell went to check on her. Durant appeared to give her a smooch on the forehead.

It’s not quite LeBron grabbing a beer from a vendor and pretending to drink it. But Durant’s spontaneous kiss is pretty good.