Watch a Polaris RZR Pro R side-by-side by Hoonigan jump and drift in Long Beach

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Polaris makes side-by-sides that are more at home in the woods than in urban areas. One exception is the new RZR Pro R modified by Hoonigan. With off-road champion RJ Anderson behind the wheel, it spent a day drifting and jumping around Long Beach, California.

Scheduled to go on sale for 2022, the Pro R is a new addition to the RZR range that will be fully unveiled on November 9. We know very little about what its specifications sheet will look like, and Hoonigan didn't publish details about the modifications it made to transform the off-roader into a drift machine, but it released over eight minutes of tire-roasting footage showing the RZR blasting through Long Beach.

It drives flat-out through the fountain in front of the Long Beach Terrace Theater, it races up stairs, it drives on two wheels through a parking garage, and it jumps over a freeway ramp — we mean way over. Luckily, the RZR Pro R that stars in the video is fitted with a long-travel suspension system, a pair of Sparco racing seats, and a full roll cage. Traction doesn't seem to be an issue, either: about halfway through the film it leaves the pavement and heads to the beach for racing (against a Baja truck, among others) and the obligatory drifting.

Every scene was shot on a closed course, Anderson didn't fly above rush-hour traffic, but it still takes a serious amount of skill to pull off these stunts without running into a palm tree. We won't have to wait long to find out if the stock RZR Pro R is as wild as Hoonigan's.

While few associate side-by-sides with performance, let alone this level of performance, crazier things have been done in a Polaris RZR. In 2017, Anderson performed a full backflip about 30 feet in the air in a modified RZR XP Turbo EPS.

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